Ayurvedic Body Types Explained In Less Than 10 Minutes

ayurvedic body types

In this video, I explain the 3 different Ayurvedic body types, a system that is more than 5000 years old, created by the ancient gurus and Yogis to help them bring their bodies and minds back to balance. Sattvic diets are the kinds of diets that bring our bodies, minds, and spirits back to balance.

Ayurvedic Body Types Balance Our Irregularities

But in order to be balanced, you need to know what is out of balance. These three body types are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Once you know what your body type is, either it can be one or a combination of two, then you can build a diet, and workout routine based on your body type. Which means, that you are bringing your body into balance through nutrition, diet, and movement. Rather than pushing yourself out of balance on a daily basis, which is something all of us humans in the modern era have a tendency to do.

For example, I’m very Vata, which means that I have a tendency to live in my head, and be a very airy person in general. I need a lot of grounding in my daily life. This means, I have to eat foods that are grounding, like cooked rice, soups, stews, cooked foods in general, hot and spicy foods, and more. I cannot be on a raw vegan diet because that would make me more airy and out of balance. In addition, I cannot be working out too much, because that will make me skinnier and less grounded. I use Yin Yoga and it’s grounding effect to bring myself back to balance.

This is how Ayurvedic body types. And learning about them has helped me realize what works well for you and what doesn’t.

I recommend that you guys do the same. Figure out your Ayurvedic body type and then use that to balance yourself out using nutrition, and movement.

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