Being Creative Means Publishing As Often As You Possibly Can

creativity means publishing prolifically

I am a writer, because I write. So many people on this planet pretend to be something. Just because you say you are something, doesn’t mean you are. You are not an entrepreneur, if you only dream about starting up businesses, but are too afraid to take the plunge in real life. You are not a writer, if you just tell people you are one, without actually ever putting pen to paper. You are not an actor, if you dream about the red carpet, but have never auditioned for a show.

We like to say we are something. But are we actually?

I Am Not The Most Creative, But The Most Prolific

There are so many people out there who are so much more talented than I am at writing. I meet them every single day. They are awesome, creative, and unproductive writers. That is, they talk about wanting to write, but never do. They don’t put pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard. They haven’t written in months or years or decades.

If you want to do something, you have to do it. Not just talk about it. Because those people who are less talented than you, are going to beat you, because they are out there, publishing, or auditioning or doing.

There are many authors out there, whose stuff I read, and I think, “Oh god, I could write better than that.” But did I? Did I write and publish my stuff yet? Or am I just talking about being better than them, but not doing anything to prove the truth?

That’s where the difference comes in, people. You see so many people on the big screen, or in plays, or on the street, who are doing better than you, even though they are not as smart as you, or as talented as you. Why? Because they are putting themselves out there over and over and over again.

That is the difference between someone who’s successful and someone who’s not. They push themselves to be out there.

And you can do this as well.

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