Productivity Falls On Friday Afternoon After 3pm


What is it about the gloriousness of the weekend that makes your productivity levels drop to zero as it approaches? Thinking about all the things you are going to Friday night and the rest of the weekend, makes you go into day-dream mode. Looking at each other in the office, you realize that everyone is waiting for the ticking clock to move closer to 5pm so you can all run out of the door. It is the same mentality that you had when you were in school and waiting for the school bell to ring so you could run out the door in a big hurray of freedom.

Maybe that kind of thing sticks with us for a while, because I still feel like running out of the door with that big hurray every single time 5pm hits.

The Siren Call Of The Weekend

Not because I am unhappy at work, but it is just the call of yoga, and sleep that makes me want to run wild.

Everyone in the office is asking each other what they are going to be doing for the weekend, and you can see their eyes glazing over with joy, especially if it is summertime and they are planning to spend time outdoors in any capacity.

The people in the office keep on asking each other, ‘When will it be 5pm? I am hungry.’ And words to that effect. On other days people will stay beyond 5pm without grudges. But on Friday afternoon, a delay of even a minute after 5pm causes bitterness and grumpiness.

The packing begins as soon as 315pm hits. You start slowing putting your stuff away into bags. Putting your lunch box away first. And then, your sweater or a book. Whatever you might have on your desk goes into your bags discreetly. You do not want to be doing this at 5pm wasting precious moments of your fleeting weekend.

Waiting For Time To Pass By – Productivity Nil

I used to despise this time of the day. So much so, that I would eagerly wait for the day to end so I could leave. I though this meant that I don’t like this job. Eventually it led me to leave the jobs that I felt this about. But slowly through the years I have learnt that no matter how much you love or hate your job, you will still feel the urge to leave early on a Friday afternoon. It is how work works.

No matter how much you enjoy your work, when the time for the weekend comes, you will still be excited for the day to end. It is how humans separate out their lives. Their work days are related to work. Their weekends are related to hobbies and other fun items. Even if you have fun at work, you will still want to go home to do your fun items.

By the time 445pm rolls around, people aren’t even pretending to do any work. They have turned around from their desks, and rolled up to their friends, chatting with them, until it is 5pm and officially time to leave. They are laughing, giggling, gossiping, and joyous. Their time to go do whatever their heart desires is close. They can smell it. They can’t sit still on their chairs, and watch the computer screen, while their freedom beckons.

As soon as 5pm is here, the school bell has rung. Everyone rushes out in a flurry of activity. The streets are filled with other people who are doing the same. The world is at rest for two days.

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