Mental Or Physical Hurry Equates To Fear



Fear comes from impatience.

Why do we worry and try to hurry up time? Time isn’t going to hurry up. Time will always move at its own pace. But in our minds, we get anxious. We want some specific item to arrive earlier than it does. So we mentally hurry. Or we physically and obsessively move.

When I first start any new venture, may it be learning a new skill like slack-lining, or meeting a new person who I like, for the first few moments, I go with the flow.

But when I start caring too much, I move into fear mode.

I want my new venture or relationship to succeed and to get to a certain point. That is where I want to be right now. I don’t want to be where I am, but I want time to move to where I’m successful

Mental or physical hurry indicates fear in the mind.

Whenever we are trying to run away from the present moment in any form, it indicates that we are fearful of something.

It is futile to try to hurry up time.

But more than that, we miss out on all the nuggets of information that comes out way whilst we go about our day.

  • Because we are spending time in our minds.
  • Because we are trying to hurry up time.
  • Because we are not paying attention to the present moment.

As we go about our days, I recommend we try to pay attention to when we are trying to hurry up a certain moment. Is it while we are standing in line at the grocery store? Or is it while we are spending time at work? Or perhaps, it’s while we are waiting for our loved ones to arrive home?

Whenever we have this sudden urge to hurry up time, let’s stop and notice the source of it.

Where is it coming from?

Why are we affected by it?

What are we trying to escape?

What are we trying to get to?

And most importantly, will hurrying up this particular moment really work? Or is it just a fantasy in our minds?

Time never hurries.

Mental or physical hurry only robs us of our present moment.

Come back to the present moment and try to avoid mental or physical hurry.

Nature never hurries, yet everything gets accomplished. Let’s be like nature.

Calm. Steady. Flowing.

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