“If only I had a million dollars, then I’d be free!”

million dollars freedom

“How much is enough?” a friend once asked of a billionaire he knew. The billionaire was stumped. The reason that no amount of money can ever be enough is that we use it to fulfill needs that money cannot actually fulfill. As such it is like any other addictive substance, temporarily dulling the pain of an unmet need while leaving the need unmet. Increasing doses are required to dull the pain, but no amount can ever be enough. Today people use money as a substitute for connection, for excitement, for self-respect, for freedom, and for much else. “If only I had a million dollars, then I’d be free!” How many talented people sacrifice their youth hoping for an early retirement to a life of freedom, only to find themselves, at midlife, enslaved to their money? – Excerpt from Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein

Have you ever had that thought before? About the million dollars? I’m sure you have a certain amount of money in your head that you believe will free you. It’s a million for most people, as most people can’t imagine having a million dollars. I’m sure, as you acquire your first million (when you do), the amount changes to become 10 million or a 100 million or even a billion.

No Matter How Much, It’s Never Enough

The point is that the yardstick you use to measure your future happiness keeps on changing. No wonder most people on this planet will never be happy – they do not know how much money or things or stuff will ever satisfy them.

In my case, I started obsessing about money when I was 21. My father and mother are both amazingly hard-working people who have literally pulled themselves up through the power of saving and constant work. We have always been taught the importance of money from when we were very young. Our parents never wanted us to worry about money, like any other parent out there. They taught my siblings and I the value of saving money and making that money work for you.

Whatever the lessons that we have acquired. Soon after I began my obsession with money, I realized that this obsession wouldn’t fulfill any of my inner desire to belong in this world.

More, And More Money

I found very early on that no matter how much money I saved up, there would never be enough. Every dollar I saved up made me want to save more. I was never satisfied. I thought maybe I was missing something else in my life. So, I started going out a lot, buying clothes, going to conferences and motivational coaches. I was looking for something elusive. But I couldn’t figure out what it was. I justified all the money that I spent by telling myself it would result in some kind of learning and answer. But nothing came from buying things.

Finally, as you all know, I discovered yoga and travel. Two things that completely changed around my life.

The reason? I started looking inside myself, instead of outside for the answer. I realized that I wouldn’t find what I needed to belong outside myself. I had a closet full of clothes. And, I had more FB friends than I could talk to. Also, I had gone to more clubs than one person should. But still I couldn’t find myself. Until I started looking inside and analyzing and understanding myself deeper.

I’m still not there. I do not know myself yet. I do not know what I want from life, but for some reason the more yoga I do and the more I travel, those questions I had don’t matter much anymore. I know I’m here for a reason and that reason will reveal itself when the time is ready. I do not need to worry about it. While I wait for it, I am enjoying myself with family, friends, Thenix, travel, yoga, food, writing and dancing. What else could a person need or want?

– This post has been published in Sayulita, Mexico.

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10 thoughts on ““If only I had a million dollars, then I’d be free!”

  1. Just wow Boom! your thoughts are parallel with mine while I read your blogs. I got on board a little late on following you and Thenix that is why I am catching up with your archives. What a wonderful blessing to accidentally push the button of your profile while I was reading Becoming Minimalist. I am sharing the same sentiment as you. Just to let you know I appreciate every piece of your writing. Keep them coming 🙂

    1. Hey Connie, Thanks for liking us on Facebook! And thank you so much for the compliments. I wish I could tell you how grateful I am for that – it makes me feel like the effort I spend on writing is actually worth it in the end.

      1. You don’t know how much impact your blogs are making me and other followers. I thought I was alone on this then I found your blogs..reading your blog about Forgiving as I write this. As of this stage, as much as it hurts, I will try but d@mn it, I am very sore right now lol

  2. I am addicted to your blogs. They are very thought-provoking. I am at a stage in life when I am questioning everything, but at the same time, I’m confused. These are really inspirational blogs to read about someone who seems to have gone though similar mental questioning in the younger years. Beautiful, beautiful! 🙂

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