My Main Fear About Time

fear time passing

How did it get so late so soon? My goodness how the time has flown. How did it get so late so soon?

Being a mere mortal, I am terrified of time.

It has its own ebbs and flows that I cannot understand. Sometimes it seems to move so fast. Other times it moves really slow. The main thing that scares me about it is when the moments move so slow, but the years pass by in a blur.

How Does Time Get Lost? We Fear Time Passing

A few days ago, I was looking at renewing a subscription that I had held a while back. I was asked by the customer service representative how long ago, I had held the subscription. I didn’t remember. She asked me for my name, and informed me that I had first bought that subscription in 2006, and last renewed it in 2008. For a moment I was stunned. I had just inadvertently lost 8 years of my life.

After the call, I sat down with the calendar looking at the years, and wondered how did that happen?

How did those years pass by so quickly? How did 8 years pass by without feeling them pass? It was a moment of revelation for me.

I realized that I didn’t want another 8 years to pass by, while I sat there making plans for the future, without actually doing anything solid for my future.

The only good thing that I did 8 years ago, from a financial perspective, was purchase my investment condo.

Do What You Say, Don’t Just Talk About It

But there was a lot more that I could have done in those 8 years, like putting money into more investment properties or buying stocks with high dividend yields.

But instead of having done all that, I just talked about it, thought about it, planned about it.

I never chose one way of gaining passive income. I didn’t make anything happen.

Again, I thought to myself, I do not want to be sitting at 38, in 8 years and having the same thought. I do not want time to slip by again without putting passive income investments into place. Really, I do not want to sit right now with regrets heavy upon my shoulders. I want to learn from the past, move forward and ensure that I do not repeat those mistakes again.

I will put my plans into effect this year.

No more waiting for some random moment in the future that will never appear.

It is time to do things right now. Right now. This very moment. Do it now.

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