Are You Worried About Having Nothing To Worry About?


“Are you worried about nothing?”

I love my life. I really do.

I have a best friend called Dan. He is truly a gem and I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

It is the first time in my life that I have a male best friend, and on top of everything else awesome about him, he is also an ENTP (ENTPs and INFJs go together like PB&J).

I can seriously talk to him about everything.

He went through a hard time last year, but he pulled himself together – started meditating, working out, reading, etc. And now he’s doing really well.

He’s in a really good space right now, where the universe takes care of him daily.

The funny thing is that everything is going so well for him that he comes to me sometimes and says, I’m so worried that everything is going so well. I’m so lucky, he says, and everything is going so well, I’m worried like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Worried about having nothing to worry about.

Isn’t that a little bit insane?

But a lot of us do that, especially who are lucky enough to live in the abundant world of a first-world country, like us in Canada.

The thing is that as humans, we are not used to living in a state of flow and abundance.

We have been told over and over again from when we were really young that:

  1. Life is hard
  2. You have to work like a dog to get anywhere
  3. Life is unfair
  4. You have to be careful or you will get everything taken away from you
  5. God is watching you – so you better be good, otherwise God will punish you

And so on.

When we get to a state of flow, after hours of meditating, and living in the moment, like Dan has, we worry, because we have no context to put it by.

We don’t know many other people who are living in a state of flow and absolute abundance.

So few people are in flow

In fact, I probably know only four or five people like that.

It is such a rarity, that it is more common to find people who are struggling, who are running away from the present moment, and who are always living in a state of fear or anxiety.

If you are one of those people who are living in a state of flow, try not to worry about having nothing to worry about.

But instead relax into it.

The universe truly does want to take care of all of us!

Why do we have such a hard time believing that?

Why can’t we believe that the universe loves us and wants us all to be abundant, flowing beings, where everything happens perfectly and everything flows to us in the right quantity and exactly the right time?

Try and believe that.

Life is truly beautiful. Nothing to worry about.

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