On Finding Fulfilling Work

On Finding Fulfilling Work

Resting on a hammock in paradise in between Wise24 work

I had a revelation the other day while reading the comic, Calvin and Hobbes.

For the past three months, the work I have done for Wise24 has been the most fulfilling work I have done till date.

While the majority of my friends are still going to work just for the paycheque, I no longer identify with the quote below:
These summer days sure slip by, don’t they? Too bad the daily drudgery of making a living has to keep you from appreciating these sublime moments of life. Well, best not to think about it. If you stay healthy, you can enjoy days like this when you retire. – Calvin (6) to his father (from comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes)
The drudgery that Calvin speaks about no longer applies to me. The Wise24 sponsorship for this blog has truly been a godsend. It allows me to pursue two of my major life goals, travel and writing (yoga being the third), while at the same time providing a source of income. This has motivated me in ways I’ve never thought possible.
For the first time I am working fully unsupervised. There are no working hours, no due dates, and no boss looking over my shoulder or telling me how to do my work. I get to build new marketing ideas for Wise24 based on my talents, skills and the discussions we have with the Wise24 management team. These ideas are then presented to Wise24 and depending on whether or not they like them, they are implemented. This system has allowed my creativity to blossom in ways it never did at other positions I held.
Not to bash my previous job, in which I had an amazing boss and great colleagues, but the work was always very restrictive. My boss had very specific notions about how he wanted the work done and it was hard to get him to accept new ideas. My creativity was stifled and because of that I kind of felt like a workhorse trapped in an office. This was the same at previous jobs that I’ve held. I have had 4 other positions in the past, both in the private sector and the government setting, and I ran into similar problems there as well.
The companies always did their very best to attempt to motivate employees through various monetary perks, interesting training and sponsored social events. I fully appreciated and still appreciate their efforts, but in the end none of these perks helped with me with my 3 life goals: yoga, travel and writing. I still felt unmotivated, going to work only out of necessity, hoping that one day I’ll be able to save enough money to pursue my goals.
It wasn’t until the Wise24 sponsorship that I managed to find a way to incorporate my life goals into my work.

I feel that the work I am doing now far more than a simple source of income; the work is fulfilling, motivating and interesting.

Thank you Wise24 for this opportunity! I never thought this would actually happen but for the first time in my life, I am truly excited about my work.
– This post has been published in Mexico City, Mexico.
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