Being perfect the first time out the gate

Whenever you are learning something new, you are going to be bad at it. This isn’t a new concept. It is pretty much common-sense.

But a lot of people, myself included, are fearful of learning something new, for fear of making a mistake.

I am learning how to drive stick-shift and speak Spanish both at the same time, stimulating different portions of my brain and it is causing me a lot of apprehension in general, because I’m extremely critical of myself. So any kind of imperfection in myself, real or unreal, really makes me come undone. I berate myself as much I can. Learning from others, and going deep within myself to find the imperfect, uncritical aspect of myself, realizing that everyone is imperfect in their own way and on their own journey, slow or fast, I learn new things and I try not to kill myself with criticism.
I drove stick-shift to work today, driving Thenix’ car, which would have been impossible in my head even just a week ago. I would have thought to myself, I’m not perfect yet, I make mistakes, I cannot drive on my own. What if I make a mistake?
Well, over the weekend, I changed my thinking. Yes, I will make mistakes. That is a definite. I’m not an expert in driving stick shift yet. I’ll not be an expert for a while, a long while. Does that mean, that I do not do anything new until I’m perfect at it?
Unless you actually work at being imperfect, doing the task again and again while being imperfect, you cannot even strive to attain the ideal of perfection.

Practice makes perfect.

Imperfect practice as well makes perfect.

What do you think of perfection and its high ideals?

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