Turn FOMO into motivation

Over the holidays, I had quite a few friends who were roaming the jungles of Thailand or the streets of South America and that caused pangs of jealousy in me. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be travelling, I wasn’t working hard enough to make enough money to go travel, I felt anxious about the next time I would even get to go travelling, and so on.

It kind of put me into thinking mode for a couple of days, as jealousy, anxiety and fear aren’t a good way to start a new year.

I meditated a bit.

After a while I went back to those FaceBook posts and saw other people commenting about how they were jealous and how we are living vicariously through them.

The first statement was true for me, but the second one irked me. I didn’t want to ever live vicariously through someone else. Never, ever. It isn’t something that ever leads to a good feeling about oneself and their situation in life. I chose instead that day to be motivated by the stories on FaceBook, on the blogs that I follow and the Pinterest travel pictures.
Turning that Fear Of Missing Out into something that drives and motivates you is a better way to deal with the feelings of inadequacy that come up when you see everyone on FaceBook living a more glamorous and exciting life than you.

Even if you know logically that you are only seeing their light side, as opposed to their dark side as well.

It still spurs you to either depression or motivation.

You can either let yourself get deflated by the FOMO or you can let it motivate you into greatness.

Promise yourself next year you will not be sitting on the sidelines watching, but you will be creating stories of your own, for yourself. Not because you wish to make others jealous, but you wish to motivate them into changing their financial habits, their lives, and moving into an alternative way of living, as opposed to the 9-5 rat race that consumes and destroys.
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