All motion isn’t good motion

Have you ever been so tired, you actually caused yourself to be sick? You work too hard, for a while, because you feel motivated. You have been doing really well in all your goals, you’ve been moving forward really fast, you are feeling like you can always do more. So you do more. You are in a state of perpetual growth, entropy and movement.
If you stopped for a second, you would realize how tired you are. So you never stop moving. You never stop doing. You keep yourself busy so as not to think.
Thenix pointed out to me, the futility of perpetual motion. He said, it is quite easy to mistake any kind of motion, for useful motion. You could be spinning your wheels incessantly without any movement forward. You could have really full days, but you are not actually doing anything useful.
You are filling your days, but you are not moving closer to any of your goals that actually matter. You are not learning how to live a better, more fulfilled life, you are just living. You are not growing in a positive fashion towards becoming a more sentient, enlightened, compassionate human being, but you are just looting the resources on Earth to grow in anyway, shape or form.

I wish you to take a moment and realize all motion isn’t good motion.

From this comes rest. You have to give yourself permission to rest. Rest without all the to-do lists humming through your brain. Rest without thinking, without degradation, without feeling worse for it.
Rest minimally, and happy that you can take the time out for yourself.

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