Brain structure and Meditation

Thenix recommended an article to me by the Dalai Lama the other day – if you haven’t seen his website or this article, check it out here.

He speaks here about how thinking can change the brain structure.

I think he’s basically speaking about thinking in any way, positive, or negative, forming certain neural pathways, that are your go-to patterns.

If you think a certain way, your brain adapts its structure to fit that pattern.

The part that I was interested in, was the study done on meditators.

And how their brain structure changes due to meditation.

Not only does their brain structure change due to meditation, but the change stays for a long time after you stop meditating, and in between meditations as well.

If you didn’t need any more incentive to start meditating yet, here you have it.

Why would you want to change brain structure?

As plastic and malleable our bodies are, I’ve always considered our brains to be very set in its way. We can add neural pathways by learning and doing something different, but I didn’t think the actual structure of the brain changed at all. It just added on more and more connections between the brain cells that are already present.
If we consider ourselves to be the most intelligent creatures on this planet and attribute it to the brain that we currently hold, any kind of manipulation or changes that we can make to this structure, especially any kind of improvements, should be welcome in general, I would think. The science in this area is still very new and there’s still a lot of learning to be had in it. But we do not need science to tell us that meditation and yoga does help in a hundred different ways to make us better human beings, to learn more about ourselves and our planet, and to change ourselves and our destinies.
Do you meditate? What kind of meditation do you choose?
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