I Tell People I Am A Yoga Instructor

I Tell People I Am A Yoga Instructor

Enjoying conversation after a long day in La Paz, Mexico

People only know what we disclose about ourselves. A lot of the details of our life are excluded from their consciousness if they are not privy to that information. Our Australian friend, Marcos, looks like a surfing instructor, blonde and blue-eyed. Looking at him, you would never think that he would have a law-degree.
But that is what he spent the previous four years working on before his travelling stint. He told us, “I tell people I am a student. I haven’t really worked as a lawyer yet, so I don’t really think of myself as a lawyer. I have spent so much time and money on this degree so I will work as a lawyer when I go back home, but just to try it out. To see if I can do it. Otherwise, I would have to look for another way to make money.”
Many people that I meet wouldn’t know that I’m in Marketing, or that I have an MBA. Thenix always likes to tell this story of how we met and I introduced myself as a yoga instructor. When he found out in passing conversation that I have an MBA a few weeks later, he was really surprised. He couldn’t imagine a person with an MBA would introduce himself as a yoga instructor.

But I always try to tell people that I am a yoga instructor.

The reason for that is two-fold.

First of all, in the recesses of my subconscious, I wish to be a yoga instructor.

People are not always what they seem and neither am I. I want to be a yoga instructor even though I have this piece of paper.

I would like to make my living from teaching yoga.

I tell myself, if I give out the signal to the universe and to myself that I’m a yoga instructor enough times, maybe it will come true.

Second of all, I am good at marketing, but I am not really cut out for the desk-position that the marketing job entails. I am better in the physical realm. I like motion and movement. I think better when I have free-flow associated to my body. I would like to include as much movement into my daily life and daily job as possible.
I also have the same idea in my head with regards to my MBA as Marcos does with his law degree. After spending so much time, effort, and money (45k on my MBA without accounting for loss of income), I feel obligated somehow to use my MBA degree. It is like all of those years of my life, all of that effort spent on that degree, and all of the months spent paying back my student loans would all be for naught, if I were to give up on my MBA degree. Until I figure out an alternative way of earning the living that would allow me to travel, I focus on using my marketing degree as much as possible. In this world, where a Bachelor’s degree is obsolete, and you need a Master’s degree just to compete, I’m grateful for the piece of paper that tells people I have an MBA.
But I am forever telling myself and others I’m a yoga instructor. Making money from my writing and yoga would be an ideal situation for me – that way I could travel and work at the same time.
– This post has been published in Morelia, Mexico.
If you haven’t heard of the Big Trip yet, you are in for a treat. Boom and Thenix are driving a 1998 Honda Civic to the southern most tip of South America, through the West Coast of US, Mexico, Central and South America and back up the East Coast. We left for this amazing adventure on July 17th. If you have any other questions about the trip please see our post on The Big Trip or Archives.

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