Have You Started Living Yet?

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(Happy Halloween!)

It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living. – Eckhart Tolle

What does living mean to you? Is it getting up in the morning and making money? Is it spending time with friends and family? Is it working on a passion of yours? What does it mean? For me, living is to travel, practice yoga and write. If I’m doing those three things, my life is full of meaning, my kind of meaning. If I’m missing even one of those things, my life feels incomplete. There are of course other parts to it, Thenix, my siblings, my parents, dancing, food.

Sometimes I find myself waiting for a certain period of time to start doing the things that I am interested in. For example, I have to pay off my debt or I have to save up money for my trip – thus, I put everything else on hold.

Letting Everything Go To Achieve Goals

At first I thought this was me being strong and achieving my goals. But Thenix looked at it from a different perspective.

He admonished me for letting everything else go, while I saved up enough for the trip. He told me, no matter what you are saving up for, it doesn’t mean that you start ignoring your health, your relationships and your interests. You are basically sacrificing everything else for travel. That isn’t the healthy or sustainable way to do it.

I find others put off their life just as I did, albeit for different reasons – maybe they have decided they will live when they are retired, or when they have paid off their mortgage, or maybe when their children leave the nest. Whatever their idea of the perfect time is, they are putting their ‘living’ on hold until that special time.

They have an idea in their head that until they finish something specific that they think is important, they will not be able to truly live their life.

Waiting To Live Life

Now reading these words here, you are probably thinking “how foolish”.

In your head, you are probably laughing at them. But are you not doing the same?

Are you waiting for that special someone, a partner, so you can share all the good moments with them? Are you waiting to get to a certain age, maybe you are too young, or too old, to do something? Are you waiting for the world to change in some way, it’s too cold, too hot, too expensive, too whatever?

Whatever you are waiting for, unfortunately, that time will never come up. You are going to be waiting until all of a sudden your life gives up on you – your life is extinguished before you are able to fully live it.

Everyone always tells us to start living right now, there is no future, there is nothing else except the present moment. The future is always so much more glamorous than the present.

You can always plan so much more in the future than you can do at the moment, or in the future for that matter. But you can’t really live in the future, you can only live right now. So let’s make a vow to try and live right now? You and me, we can do this…


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4 thoughts on “Have You Started Living Yet?

  1. This is how I used to be. Always waiting for some magic time in the future when everything was perfect to start living. I can proudly say today I am much happier living life now and not waiting for that future time. Such a simple concept, if only more people would do this, they would be surprised at the increase in their level of happiness.

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