Success can be quickly forgotten

I was reading a blog post by Becoming Minimalist, one of my favourite blog authors, on keeping a journal. One of the points on why you should keep a journal that really leapt out at me, was ‘Success can be quickly forgotten’.
Wow! I was blown away. Because I have been doing exactly that. The reason I was blown away is the miracle of the universe. The universe sends you exactly what you need, when you need it, especially if you are open to it, and looking for an answer. I’m definitely looking for an answer in general, but I was wondering why I was in such stinky mood. I was bringing everyone around me down. Normally, I’m the positive one in my group and around my peers in any situation. But something was bringing me down.
I realized the minute I read that one sentence in that blog, I needed to read nothing else. I had gotten the answer I was looking for.
I have made a lot of progress in the past 10 months. Ever since I came back from Thailand in January, I have been hell-bound and hell-bent. I have been doing a lot, meditating, yogaing, and reading. I have been socializing and learning. I have been growing at an exponential rate.

I have been doing and doing and doing some more.

The main thing that I have not been doing is congratulating myself and giving myself a pat on the back. Instead, every single time, I do some little thing wrong, I berate myself to hell and back. I’m the worst person on the planet. I’m wrong. I’m bad. I’m just horrible. I can’t do anything right. And so it goes, the tape inside my head.
Perfectionism is an ideal, but it is not ideal. You cannot be perfect no matter how hard you try.

You have to let certain things go.

You have to let certain things slide.

You have to do certain things badly in order to be able to relax.

Whatever it might be, you have to let go of the ideal of perfectionism.
But also, you have to recognize when you are doing well, and let yourself feel the sentiment of gratitude and happiness even if just for a few seconds. Just sit there and bathe yourself in it. Be happy that you have reached 10% of a goal, or that you have managed to lose the summer weight, or you went to yoga 5 times this week, or you didn’t eat the last piece of cake in the fridge. Whatever it might be, it is different for different people, you have to congratulate yourself for it. Otherwise you will forget, and you will berate yourself for not doing enough. That is human nature.

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