Meditation Increases Dissatisfaction

I am dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.

With the current way I live my life.

I have certain aspirations, certain ideas in my head, that I wish my life to look like.

Right now, those aspirations are in my head, until I can figure out a way to make them a reality.

It made me wonder if dissatisfaction is a general state that we can never get away from.

Will we as humans knowing all that we do, having all of this knowledge and power, will we always have an issue being and remaining happy?
I read this post, about Progress in Meditation, that exemplified that. The more you meditate, the more clearly you see everything around you. The crystal clear matter around you cannot be hidden behind a shiny exterior anymore. You cannot gloss over items in your life any longer. You start facing your deficiencies, and the deficiencies in your life little by little. You realize that you are dissatisfied by the way your life looks, and you look in the mirror. You cannot wait another moment before you change.
That is a problem for a person like me, who’s fairly impatient. I have improved quite a bit in the past few years, but I still have moments where I just cannot control myself. I am hasty and make impulsive decisions.

I see the ugliness in my life, and I want it to go away right now.

Like a petulant child, I want everything now. The problem with getting everything now is that you lose appreciation for everything almost as instantly. You do not see the beauty that your life is. You have gotten everything too easily.
In real life, you never get everything instantly. You have to wait hours, days, months to achieve something that you have been working towards. You have to accept that fate, and let it happen as it happens. Trying to hurry things along might actually ruin them in the end.
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8 thoughts on “Meditation Increases Dissatisfaction

      1. Sorry — it’s lovingkindness practice, and I recommend it to anyone who learns meditation. It helps to bring more of a sense of patience, kindness, and forgiveness to our experience as we become more mindful of ourselves. There’s a guide to the practice in the link below…

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