Being Creative

I feel like I am not being creative enough in the new year.

I am going through the motions, but in the past few days I haven’t really done anything creative.

I blog which is creative enough, but for some reason I feel like it isn’t enough.

I need more. The problem is that I have to be cognizant that there are a limited number of hours in the day and I need to take care of myself and my health in addition to piling stuff on in the day. Working a full day and then coming home, doing some yoga, cooking, eating and spending time with Thenix leaves very little time in the day.
Especially if you ‘waste’ that time playing games on the iPad. I put waste in quotation marks, because the joy that I get from playing the game, spending time with Thenix while I play it, should be worth the time put into it. Not everything I do in life has to be productive, and resulting in something. Some things you do just for the hell of it, because they are fun and because you can.

The year has just begun so I am not going to start it off with negative thoughts.

I do know that the year began with a really honest conversation between Thenix and I, and therefore, the theme of this year should be honesty. Something I have an issue with. As in, I am not very good at it. A horrible thing for sure, I agree, but in my poor defence, I have good intentions. I always have good intentions, but sometimes they go astray, people don’t actually see it as I do.

Let’s start off with the good intention of being creative, writing more, reading more, creating more.

Let’s see where positivity gets us.
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