The Pain In The Collective Heart Hurts All Of Us

collective pain

A few nights ago, I was in bed, sleeping perfectly well. Then, a cat below my open balcony started mewling terribly. She was upset, or hurt, or wanting, and she let the entire world know. Her cries echoes through the entire world. So that I heard them deep within my heart, and my heart bled for her. I couldn’t sleep properly as all night she cried, and I cried with her. The collective pain was strong with me that morning.

In the morning, she slowed down. Perhaps because she was tired, and I woke up, realizing that there was a call from my father, on WhatsApp. I called him back, concerned as he had called me six times in a row. He told me that there was something wrong with his tests. They are going to do an angiogram in a few days to tell him if something in his quadruple bypass surgery failed. More pain seeped through me.

So much pain from the past, and the future, and everyone around me.

We Feel The Pain Of The World

I realized that the mewling cat was a sign from the universe. That, I am supposed to feel, feel, feel the pain, hurt, and sadness that has perhaps been with me through all of my lifetimes. Also, to feel the pain through this lifetime, and the pain burden that I am carrying of my forefathers, my ancestors, and this collective world.

They say that if one more person on this planet is happy, the collective happiness of the world is raised.

But the same applies if one more person is sad, or in pain, or hurt, the collective pain of the world gets raised.

Empaths like you and I, are the ones who help others feel the collective pain. I sat that morning and did a meditation. I held my heart with my right hand, and sat with the pain, letting it bubble up over and over and over again.

There was so much of it, that I couldn’t deal with it all in one session. It will probably take me hundreds of sessions to deal with it all or perhaps just a few more.

Feel The Collective Pain Deeply Right Now, Not Later

But it is our responsibility to this world, and to our inner child, that we sit down and feel the pain. Don’t run away from it, and don’t brush it off as unimportant. “Oh, I don’t have time to feel that pain right now. I don’t have time to deal with the sadness right now. Oh, I don’t want to deal with that right now. I have much more important things to do. Like, I have to go make some money and climb the corporate ladder.” We make up excuses on why we can’t feel what we are feeling right now.

There’s never enough time for it. Never, ever, will there be enough time to feel the feelings. They are deemed not important in this world that we live in.

But they are more important than anything else in this world. If we don’t feel them, they will manifest in our bodies, as auto-immune diseases, cancer, heart-attacks (broken heart syndrome), and other illnesses.

I believe the diseases of the world that are predominant right now are there because as human beings we have forgotten how to feel. We need to sit down every single day and feel all the feelings pulsing through our veins. When we do that, we will remove all of those blockages that are in our bodies and let go of all diseases.

We Can Feel The Collective Pain But We Need To Be Careful

I realized when I was sitting in pain that I was actually trying to feel the pain for my father and uncle as well. They had heart attacks, because they had a hard time feeling and their collective hearts broke, causing their heart attacks.

I sat down and felt their feelings for them. But I had to be really careful. Because feeling someone else’s feelings for them can be exhausting for someone like me, who’s so sensitive.

If you are going to take on someone else’s pain for them, then you need to be careful for your own health and mental status. Take care not to do it too often, and ensure that self-care is a priority with you all the time.

Feel your pain, don’t let it linger in your body and cause you dis-ease. Sit with it. Let it course through your body. Let it emanate from your heart, let it be with you, body, mind, and spirit.

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