You Are A Victim Of Your Choices

‘You are not a victim of your circumstance.

You are a victim of your poor choices.’
We have all been there – complaining about our circumstance – our parents, our lovers, our siblings, our jobs, our heights, our lips, our bums, our intelligence, anything and everything. We are a victim – we feel that if we just had better parents, better jobs, a taller body, a more beautiful face, or whatever else, we would have been more successful than we are right now. We are not to blame, but our circumstances. Sometimes that might be true. Being born in the bowels of drought-ridden Africa might put you at a slight disadvantage compared to someone in Canada. Although even people in Africa have pulled themselves out of their situation and come out smelling like flowers.
I feel that anyone who is born or raised in Canada cannot in good conscience complain about their circumstance. They are living in one of the most bountiful countries in the world. We are pampered and taken care of to the hilt. We do not have many worries, unless they are first world ones, which do not count. We have the opportunity to make anything of ourselves.
Early on in our lives, we start making choices. Will I eat my peas or will I cry about them? Will I go to school obediently or make a fuss? Will I use my babysitting money for candy or save it? Will I spend my summer vacations in university doing exchange programs or smoking up in my parent’s basement? Will I get married to the first person who asks, or will I be a little more discerning? Will I spend my breaks at work reading something enlightening or will I spend it smoking and complaining about the job?

There are a million other choices we make every day.

To get up early or not. To work hard or hardly work. To watch TV or not. To exercise or not. To stay up late or not. To eat healthy or not. To call our parents or not. To wash our make-up or not.

These choices define our circumstances; where we are in our lives, if we are doing well or not.

If you are choosing healthy habits of exercise and good eating, you will be fit. If you are choosing habits of working hard and improving yourself at work, you will make more money. If you watch less TV and sleep early, you will feel fresher and free yourselves from the habit of coffee.

Look at the choices you are making throughout the day.

Is it benefiting you or not?

Can you make the little change that will change your choices to propel you forward?

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