You Want To Do Something Big Or Nothing At All

You Want To Do Something Big Or Nothing At All

A little park in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine from back home a few days ago and she bought up something interesting. She said, ‘I have always known that I want to help people, but I never did anything about it, because there was nothing big enough that caught my attention. I realized a few days ago, that I don’t necessarily need to wait for something big to come along. I can start with something small. Even if I’m able to help one person with my efforts, it is worth my time on this planet.’
I loved it. I have fallen into a similar trap before. I wanted to open up a business on my own – I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

But instead of opening something small and going from there, I never began anything because I was always waiting for the big idea, the big deal, the big business.

The same thing with my writing.

I love to write, but instead of writing small stories that feel good and that affect one person, I am always deleting what I write because it doesn’t feel big enough – it doesn’t feel impactful enough.

I keep on taking a big step back instead of taking a tiny, minuscule step forward.
Now, I am trying to get away from that thinking. Everything I do is useful and impactful, even if it doesn’t affect anyone on this planet, except for myself. If it makes me feel good, and is something I wish to do, no matter how small it is, it is important and should be worked upon. This world we live in, only rewards big, boisterous thinking. What you do has to take over the world and in a matter of days, otherwise it is useless and shouldn’t be worked upon at all. If it doesn’t impact millions and make you millions, it is not worth it. Society might have you believe that spending time on a small painting just because it makes you feel better, or a short story because it feel good to you, isn’t worth it. But you should know better.
In my opinion, even if one person on this planet is happier for one little second because of something you do, then it is absolutely worth every second and penny you spend on it. You should spend the time on it, despite the naysayers. It is time to focus on the little stuff that makes you happy.

It is the little stuff that eventually turns into the big stuff.

In any case, if it does turn big or not, the point of it all is to have fun and do it just for the heck of it.
– This post has been published in Antigua, Guatemala.
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