‘If I Was Your Age…’

'If I Was Your Age...'

The street food stall that sold us great enchiladas and pastelitos in El Tunco, El Salvador.

We were sitting on the bamboo chairs and tables at our hotel, Eco Del Mar, in Playa El Tunco, having our dinner.

We found this lady by the side of the street selling some Enchiladas and Pastelitos, El Salvadorean style.

We bought them back to the hotel as she didn’t have any chairs that were functional. Sitting there, another older couple from Ohio who is staying at the hotel as well, stopped by to catch up with us about the day. One thing that came out of the conversation was their admonition that we should take advantage of our youthful bodies and do everything physical possible as it won’t be long before we will not be able to.
The man, Danny, kept on using the statement, ‘If I was your age…’ He said, ‘If I was your age, I would have gone surfing without a thought. But now, I have to think three times before attempting anything, because I know that it will be painful and I have to judge whether the pain is worth it.’ The lady, Elizabeth, said, ‘A project like painting my house would have been something that I would have done without thinking a few years ago, but now it took me two weeks to paint just one room.’
It was really interesting to me to hear those thoughts as I am quite adamant in my life about having no regrets. I want to ensure that if I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t feel like I missed out on life. As well, being a person of reasonable fitness, I have never thought about my physical health as something that I should treasure as it could disappear someday. I’m glad that this came up now, because it somehow brings my physical self to top of mind.

Another reason why this was important to me was because I want to surf at least once on this trip.

It has always been my thing to try everything at least once, but because of my claustrophobia and my fear of being suffocated by water, I am worried about surfing. I know, the fear is unfounded, because there’s no point fearing something that hasn’t happened yet. This conversation with these older individuals kind of solidified the idea of going surfing for me. I know that I wouldn’t want to be 60 and reminiscing about that time when I was 30 when I could have tried surfing and I didn’t.
I am planning to do a surf camp in Nicaragua at Surfing Turtle. Let’s see how it all works out. I will give you a report of everything that happens. Or doesn’t happen.
– This post has been published in Santa Ana, El Salvador.
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