INFJ Writers Are The Best, But They Have Many Quirks

INFJ Writers

If anyone asked me what my heart craves everyday, I would say it would be a close match-up between helping people, understanding myself, and writing. I sit at home everyday and I think to myself – what should I do with my free time, and every single time, the answer is, ‘I should write something.’ I love to write. I write everyday. The days that I don’t write are a wasted day in my opinion.

A lot of times the writing I do is quite private – journaling and contemplative writing. Writing that is meant to help me understand myself and why I do the things I do. Sometimes, the writing is in the form of blog posts for my beautiful readers. Very rarely, I write out short stories.

These are some quirks of a writer like me. I don’t know if they are true for every writer, or only INFJ writers, but here they are:

Quirks of INFJ writers

If someone invites me out somewhere (which happens very rarely)…

and I’m writing, I will not go, because I am in the middle of a writing project, and they are so hard to get off the ground, I cannot destabilize them, by getting distracted. Writing is paramount – because without getting all of my feelings, thoughts, and emotions out on paper, I feel overwhelmed by them, and I can’t function.

If someone asks me if they could read what I have written…

I instantly freeze up. I look at them and stare deep into their soul. I wonder if they are worthy of my words, and usually, almost always, the answer is no. Especially if it is my journal, because if they are someone I’m dating, there are probably professions of undying love in there, that would scare anyone off in a hurry.

If someone says I’m a great writer, I usually brush it off on the outside…

‘Oh, no. I’m not that great! Blah, blah.’ But inside, I’m jumping for joy, doing a jig like you wouldn’t believe. I feel validated as a writer, and I feel like leaving them right now and going home to write some many many more pages. I want to take advantage of this high that I’m on from the compliment, and write a bunch, so then when the low comes (and it will), and I feel like I’m crap at writing and I should never write again, I can go back to this feeling and remember why I write.

If someone asks me how I write so much, I look at them incredulous…

Do you realize I’m already 32, and I have already wasted many hundreds of precious days when I wroteΒ not a single word? Do you realize that I have maybe 18000 days left in which I could write another word (if we assume I live another 50 years)? That is precious little time left, and I need to write so much more. There is so much more inside of me that needs to come out. There just isn’t enough time on this planet for it.

If someone asks me why I don’t write sci-fi…

I grunt inaudibly and change the subject. It’s not that I can’t write sci-fi. But I like people, I like writing about people and their myriad quirks, and I like understanding why people do things the way they do them, and explaining it to the world. For me the inner world of a human being is so much more interesting than any sci-fi world that I could create in my head.

If someone ever asks me to teach a course on writing…

I say a hundred times no. You cannot teach someone to write! These courses on writing are all bogus, because you learn to write by writing. You have to write a hundred thousand horribly structured sentences, before you can write one brilliantly put together one. You have to write everyday, even on those days and especially on those days when you feel a deep hatred for writing.

If someone asks me when do I write…

I say I’m always writing something in my head. I spend most of my days composing letters, thoughts, blog posts, titles and other things in my head. There isn’t a moment in time for me when I’m not composing writingΒ in my mind. A lot of times, I get irritated at ‘life’ which interrupts my writing – like eating, or sleeping, or working, or other mundane stuff. Writing is so much more interesting!

If someone says I’m a horrible writer…

I completely fall apart on the outside and in. Seriously, it is the worst thing you could ever tell an INFJ writer. For us, writing isn’t just a passion, but it’s who we are. Writing is how we communicate with the world and ourselves. Without writing, we would be nobodies and we would have a really hard time getting back to centre. We write a lot and we expect that we are good at that. In our minds, we aren’t good at many things, but we are good at writing. So when someone says that we are not a good writer, it’s like our whole life is a LIE! It’s terrible to do that to someone.

If someone expresses confusion at how horrible I am at verbal communication…

(vs. the written word), I am not surprised at all. For me, I can express myself a hundred times better when I have time to pour it all out on paper or on a computer screen. The words just flow out of me as if they were meant to be. Whereas when I speak, my mind is moving a hundred times faster than my tongue, and I get all twisted up unable to get it all out. If I want to say something really important, I usually prefer texting it to them or writing a letter/email, rather than saying it out loud. I get embarrassed when I have to say it to them face-to-face.


These are just some things that come to my mind when I think about writing and I. Grammar is definitely not my strong suit, but expressing ideas in words so that it forms images in your mind is.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know if you have any other questions about INFJ writers or my writing. Happy to answer anything!

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17 thoughts on “INFJ Writers Are The Best, But They Have Many Quirks

  1. You seem to describe most of my current life minus the undercurrent drama of people’s intrusion which i tediously ignore with impunity.
    I am amazed how I find myself unique different even strange among people. And yet there is someone who is really like me somewhere. Reading your post is confirming.

  2. I’m an infj and language and metaphors have always been my thing. I was writing in my head long before I actually started writing.
    I also think infjs are signed in that we want to see human potential optimized as well.
    Writing and self (and other!) Development seem to be common themes!

    1. Agreed!! Because we spend a lot of time in our heads, we are always interested things like writing, and self-development, more so than extroverts, who would be interested in sports, and other external items. Thanks for your comment!

  3. thats a great list… you hit me with the “I am 32 years old and wasted…”

    I am 39 years old and wasted 32 of them with not writing (or very seldom) and I am so scared about my few days I have left (maybe one, maybe 50 years….) but… they are too few πŸ™

    1. Yeah, I totally get where you are coming from. We waste so much time living someone else’s life, and then we realize too late, and then every second at that point, becomes so precious. πŸ™‚

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