We Are All Healers – We Can Heal Ourselves And The World


The more time I spend meditating and doing yoga, the more I realize that healing naturally takes so many different forms.

  1. Taking care of what food/drinks you consume,
  2. Taking care of what chemicals you put into your body,
  3. Taking care of what drugs you use (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, prescriptions all count)
  4. Taking care of the media you consume
  5. Taking care of the negative people and energies you hang out with
  6. Taking care of the way you spend your time
  7. Taking care of how much you complain

There are a hundred choices we make everyday which bring us closer to balance. Or not. We always know which way we are tipping the scale.

I have noticed in myself that I have always had a low-level disparate anxiety.

Meaning, it’s always there in some way, and there is no true source for it. It’s just there in the background like a hum. A buzz that doesn’t seem to go away. I used to accept it as part of me, and assuaged it temporarily through yoga. 

But, as you know, I have been meditating every morning for 30 minutes for 65 days now – without a break. Every morning, I have a set ritual. I get up around 6am, maybe go for a quick pee and a drink of water, and then I get back under the warm covers, and sit for 30 minutes.

This consistent meditation practice has changed my life.

I always meditated previously in a haphazard manner – doing it somedays in the morning, some days at night, some days not at all.

Making sure that I take the 30 minutes to do this ritual no matter what else is going on in my life has changed it drastically.

I have let go mostly of this low-level anxiety that ebbed and flowed through my body everyday. 

Miraculous, I know!

But, I have more to share.

I have also been working on opening up my heart chakra – I am normally a quite open, trusting and easy-going individual.

My heart chakra is wide-open to let the world in. But as soon as I feel troubled, or feel like I am under any kind of threat (imagined or otherwise), I close up like a bank vault. I am hard, unyielding, uncompromising, and completely closed-off. I hate being in that mode – it’s the way I have learned to protect myself, but I dislike being in that state.

There are other ways I could have learned to protect myself, and I’m trying those techniques out now (a topic for another blog post).

But because of all of this opening up, and de-thawing, I’m feeling so much release in my heart chakra. It is constantly piping up at me, while I’m going about my day.

So here comes the juicy part.

I have started placing my left hand on my heart while I meditate.

Such a simple thing, I know. But, wowza. As I build up my awareness in my practice, I have realized that my hand starts to get really really warm as time goes on.

As I become more and more focused, and as I got deeper into the meditation, I can literally feel my hand become warmer and warmer. Until they are burning hot. It seeps through my clothing to my skin and my heart and I feel as if I am touching my heart through my skin.

It is absolutely the most amazing feeling ever! If you have never done a meditation practice this way, I totally recommend it!

It is what Reiki healers are all about.

But I have never ever taken a course on Reiki healing or any sort of hand healing. As natural as it comes, I was able to heal myself using my hands – I feel the energy seeping from my beautiful hands to my heart. It is such an awe-inspiring feeling.

If I can create such a powerful healing energy by being present in myself, can you imagine what we humans could do if we bandied together??? I can’t even begin to fathom the power in numbers. So come and meditate with Toronto and let’s push terrorism out.

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