Realization: I Live Where NBA All-Stars Party



I saw a notice in my building’s elevator on Feb 11th, 2016.

It said, due to a private party for the NBA All-Stars game at Maison Mercer (across the street from my building), the street will be closed and there were be private security and police officers roaming around. 

I walked out of my humble abode.

I realized to myself in a flash of insight. NBA All-Stars Party here.

I live where NBA All-Stars come to party. I live here. I live here!

I just can’t believe it sometimes. I’m so grateful to have a space downtown Toronto in such a central location with so much around me. 

I feel like saying to myself – I can’t believe I’m so lucky – but you know I hate using the word ‘lucky’ to describe accomplishments. I made this happen. I am the one who made this happen.

I am the one who created this reality for myself. 

There were people who helped me along on this journey for sure, like my family, my work, etc. But the thought that initiated this reality originated from me. The thought that got me going onto this path came from me. The fact that I placed this on my vision board started with me. I put a picture of a fancy condo downtown Toronto on my vision board 1.5 years ago. Two months later, I moved into this condo. 

I need to give myself credit for this. 

So this post is all about:

  • acknowledging where I am at, 
  • sending out gratitude into the universe for this amazing space that I get to live in everyday, and the amazing life that I live, and,
  • looking at next steps and where I want to go from here. 

I am grateful for so many things that I have and be and do. I just don’t even know where to begin my gratitude sessions everyday.

Relationships, Health, Happiness, Joy, Adventure, Beauty, Love, Yoga, Travel, Stuff, Learning.

All of it makes me so happy and I am happy I am here in every moment of every day. 

And The Next Steps Are…

I know where I am going next. I am grateful now that:

  1. I am a motivational speaker teaching hundreds of people how to reach fulfillment, self-actualization, and abundance.
  2. I own a 3-bedroom condo in my building to accommodate my growing life. 
  3. I own my own business buying RE building passive income and teaching others to do the same. 
  4. I am free so I can take the month of August, December and January, off every year, so I can travel with my life partner, family and friends. 
  5. I continue on with the blogging, bringing my wisdom to thousands of people around the world. 
  6. I continue on with options trading as one of my passions. 
  7. I continue on with yoga, as I stay at my ideal fitness level and feel great in my body. 
  8. I am in an amazing, loving, and joyful relationship with my partner. 
  9. I give thousands of dollars to charity every year. 
  10. I am an avid snowboarder, rock-climber, PADI diver, and motorcyclist. 

Thank you for sharing in my journey, and I hope we continue onwards and upwards together. 

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