Don’t Let The Grumpy Masses Bring You Down


No matter what you believe in, be passionate about it. Be passionate. Have an opinion. Fire up your passion and bring it with you everywhere. A white-hot burning passion. – Darren Hardy.

I am an extra enthusiastic person most days.

I am interested in people, I want to hear their stories, I want to talk to them, and I do it all with passion and lots of enthusiasm. In that passion, I sometimes forget where I am, and forget who I am – I’m just excited to get the message across.

I have had a lot of people make fun of my enthusiasm, and passion. They have tried to bring me down.

At first, I went along with them. I stopped being as enthusiastic, and I started being quieter. Thank God, it’s not in my personality to be that way, so I eventually gave up trying to be quiet and mouse-like. I went back to my old ways, and I decided if they don’t like it, too bad so sad. As long as I don’t harm anyone in the process, my enthusiasm and passion for the world and my life should be fine.

I have started thinking of my enthusiasm and passion as a little ray of sunshine that I drop into everyone who I meet.

That is my purpose.

That is the reason I wake up every morning. It is so I can bring this little joy and happiness into everyone I meet. Even if I can help one more person smile and feel good each day I feel better about myself.

I start off every day with a bunch of gratitude – I thank the universe and God (a hard word for me to use) for everything! From my toes, to my family, to my possessions, to my body, to my personality, to my bath salts, to everything!

How do I keep the grumpiness from affecting me?

Here are some steps that I take that you can totally emulate to bring joy into your life:

Shower Gratitude

While I am standing in the shower, I run through my gratitude list. I am grateful to be alive. I am ecstatic that I am here on this planet at this point in time. I am honoured that out of all the various millions souls that could have been alive at this point, I am one of the chosen few. I start off every day by conveying that gratitude to the world. I find no matter which side of the bed I wake up on, after this gratitude exercise, I am joyful and orgasmically happy to be alive.

Next comes a great meal

I always start off my day with a delicious, happy, full meal. I am so lucky to have a pantry and fridge full of food most days. I can afford good, organic, delicious food, and I am not worried about where my next meal will come from. That alone should put anyone in a good mood, but alas, we have higher standards now.

I love the TTC (Toronto’s transit system – streetcars, buses, and subway)

It is common knowledge in Toronto that everyone loves to hate the TTC. I don’t agree. I find that the TTC simplifies my life. It aligns me better to my minimalist, frugalista lifestyle, by making sure I don’t have to own a car. I am able to sit in peace and read a book while someone else takes care of navigating the roads to my destination. I know the TTC has delays sometimes, but that just means more time for me to read my book.

Instead of getting angry about the crowds, or the delays, or the smells, I choose to be grateful that I am alive, and I have a job that I can commute to. In addition, I have started smiling at everyone that I make eye-contact with. I know that is not a typical way to deal with things when you are in a public place, but I have found that EVERYONE I smile at, smiles back at me!

Enjoyable Work

I’m lucky to be one of the few people that has a great boss, delightful colleagues, and a job I enjoy. I like what I do, and I am happy to go into work. I like the people I work with – they make me laugh and think. I like the work I do – it meshes well with my personality, allowing me to be social and gregarious.

A fantastic ending

Finally, my day ends with either a yoga class. Or a suspension class. Or a night in, at my condo, cooking, reading, watching BBC shows on Netflix. All of these items give me joy. I especially love the solitude that I am able to gain being in my condo. It is my HAPPY place. It makes me joyful to step into the hallowed halls of my tiny condo downtown Toronto. I love it there, and I am joyful whenever I am there.

Of course, I am not in a joyful mode all the time. Nor do I stay in joyful mode all day long. There are ebbs and flows, but I have found the Fake-it-until-you-make-it attitude works really well for joy and gratitude.

If you pretend you are joyful, it is quite likely you will end up feeling joyful pretty quickly after that.

Let me know what you think of this post. If you have any specific techniques you use to bring joy into your life.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Grumpy Masses Bring You Down

  1. hmm nice article..short and sweet.
    I live in Toronto too!!! Love the ttc lol

    Do you have any articles related to bad habits?

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