Every New Person You Meet Changes You


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

I have noticed something really interesting in recent times. Every single person that comes into my life, for whatever period of time, leaves me a little bit better. I learn something new from every new person who enters my life.

Every Single Person!

That is a bit of a revelation to me, as I sometimes dismiss certain encounters as being too unimportant, too short, too meagre, not long enough, not deep enough, or whatever else it might be. But I am absolutely wrong. No matter how long that person comes into your life for, and how deep (or not) the encounter was, they will leave an imprint on you in some shape or form. 

Some of the things I have learned have been small, like:

  1. how to store avocados in the fridge so they stay longer,
  2. how to put your soap on a sponge in the shower so it doesn’t dissolve away,
  3. what kind of balsamic vinegar to purchase,
  4. what to put on your salad to make it filling,
  5. where to go for the best Banh Mi sandwiches (and cheapest),
  6. how to dance and sing loudly on the street,
  7. how to be nice to everyone you meet (to see the best in everyone),
  8. how to be open to random religious nuts,
  9. which bicycles to purchase and how to take care of them,
  10. where to go to get your nails polished for only $15.

This list can go on forever.

Some of the things I have learned have been big, like:

  1. being grateful for your parent’s good health, especially as they get older,
  2. not caring about what other people think,
  3. staying in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest,
  4. dancing in the rain and loving it,
  5. being silly and not taking myself so seriously,
  6. making out in the middle of a club and not feeling self-conscious,
  7. loving myself for who I am,
  8. learning more and more about the INFJ personality type, and discovering a whole new genre of people who are exactly like me,
  9. feeling the fear and doing it anyway,
  10. riding my bicycle on the crowded streets of downtown Toronto, swerving in and out of traffic, like a boss!

Every single time, a new person touches your life in someway, they change you on the inside. They leave an indelible mark on you. A lot of these marks are non-erasable and they stick with you forever. Some of these marks are small and you forget about them after a while – they don’t really matter as much.

Whatever it is, I urge you to notice the kind of marks you are leaving on the people that you encounter. 

How do you leave them feeling? Grateful for having had that encounter with you? Depressed because of the negative energy you trail around with you? It is such an important thing. You can either uplift the person that you meet, leave them with something to think about, or you can bring them down, and ruin their day, week, or even month (if they are super-sensitive).

Everything matters.

Every little gesture, every question, every answer, every statement, every glance, everything! And everyone who comes into contact with you matters. Not just the ‘important’ people like the people you know or care about. But the janitors, the homeless, the service people, everyone.

What do you think of this post? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Every New Person You Meet Changes You

  1. oh – no wonder I relate to your writing. I haven’t studied the theory all that much, but according to the test I took a couple of times for fun, I’m a (female) INFJ.
    🙂 Chris

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