Take The Time To Be In The Morning

morning mindfulness practice

Too many of us are rushing around, doing crazy things in the morning, when in fact, we should be taking the time to relax, and just be with our bodies, and ourselves. The mornings are a sacred time to be, to be present with ourselves. Once we go off into the day, there are a billion things that are pulling at us in all different directions.

But if we can just take our mornings to be relaxed, and to be here, then we are golden.

There are so many gurus that advocate morning routines that I don’t need to chat about that. But I do want to remind you that rushing through your morning, and doing a billion things is going to be counterproductive to the rest of your day. You are going to feel what you feel in the morning in the rest of your day. That is why, it is recommended to have a relaxing start to your day, so you can have a relaxing day in general.

Take Time To Be Mindful

The morning time is time to be here and present with ourselves. That is why I recommend calming exercises, and activities in the morning, such as, journaling, Pranayama, yoga, meditation, and such. If you have too many crazy activities in the morning, you are going to feel rushed and crazy in the rest of your day.

I notice that my mornings where I have had a big chunk of rest and reflection time are better days in general, than those where I feel rushed off my feet.

Finally, I would like to say that every new morning is a fresh start for us to begin again. To be here, and to be alive. We get new chances every time. Do not worry if one of your days goes wrong. You will have another chance tomorrow to fix whatever is happening.

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