Did You Know I Have A Podcast With A 100 Episodes?


So much going on our world nowadays, outside and in. I wanted to share with you the story of why I haven’t been posting regularly for almost a year. It is shameful I know, for me to abandon you folks like this, but I had stuff going on. Again, not a good excuse at all. But I thought if I shared what else was going on with me, you would be a little bit more keen on staying friends with me.

Last year, in March 2016, I quit my job. I add in my mind whenever I say these words, ‘for the last time’. I never ever want to go back to a corporate job. Ever. So I quit and I started my own online business, under the brand, ‘The Millionaire Hippie‘. I started posting regularly on there, and I also started a podcast, which I started putting out regularly as well.

Moved To Chiang Mai And Started A Podcast

So, it was all good. Until I realized, Toronto is bloody expensive. I needed to move to a cheaper apartment. Or, the universe suggested how about moving to an entirely new country, cheaper, and you will be able to live a whole lot better than you do in Toronto.

Chiang Mai was one of the main cities that kept on coming up. The signs were clear. I moved to Chiang Mai in October 2016. And it was one of the best things I did for myself in a long time. Not only did I find my tribe, the people that think like me and made me feel welcome, but I also found myself with all of this time and space to create, and write. I write thousands of words nowadays. Thousands and thousands.

It just pours out of me like lava. I spent all of my days, creating something or the other, writing something or the other, and conversing on awesome topics that I have been wanting to talk about for ages now.

Time Went On And I Forgot About BrownVagabonder

I want to say that I forgot about this site. I really truly want you to believe that. But the fact is, that I was beginning to dislike the whole brand, because it reminded me of my ex. We broke up 3 years ago, but for some reason, brownvagabonder and all of the posts on there about our Big Trip, made me trip up.

I was over him and then I would a post. Instantly, I would be transported back into that time where I loved him. It was irritating to go back there, and I didn’t want to. Thus, I stopped coming to this site.

Now, I guess, I am in a much better place. I can read those posts with affection and joy, rather than dread.

So I’m back. Anti-climactic much?

Anyways, I thought I would give you guys an update and let you know about my new blog/business, and my podcast. Check them both out!

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