Freedom Comes From Creating Content, Rather Than Consuming It


Freedom Abounds Yet Where Is It

This is about freedom.

Recently, I was speaking to a friend of mine and he told me he was inspired by all the content I have been pumping out and he started writing himself. He started off with a short article and a poem on motivation.

I read the poem and it was absolutely perfect. I feel excited for the day when this individual will feel free enough to share his beautiful words with the world. The world will be a better place for having read his words.

He said something really profound about creating content – he said he felt a profound sense of freedom whilst he created content (rather than while he consumed it).

It makes absolute sense – while you are creating content you are free to make it take any shape or form you want. While you are consuming content, you are kind of stuck with what the author or producer of that content decided the content should look like. 

Addictive Content Creation

So this sense of freedom that comes from creating content is kind of addictive. You feel this sudden rush from all of this freedom and you want to keep on going forever.

I wish more people realized this.

I think this is one of the reasons I write so much about writing and how freeing it. I want more people to experience this sense of freedom that I feel on a daily basis from writing. If more of us focused on creating content of any kind, there would be less need for anti-depressants or prisons or therapy of any kind, in my opinion.

The truth is freedom comes in many forms. And whilst a lot of are physically free, we are in fact in really sturdy mental prisons. These mental prisons keep us from spilling parts of ourselves on paper and revealing ourselves to the world. We keep everything hidden and we keep a strong hold on our lips so that we don’t accidentally spill the beans in a moment of weakness.

But sometimes something entices us to create. It might be a nudge from a friend or a book that we read that really motivated us. Whatever it is doesn’t matter. What matters is that we create.

All of us, especially all of us adults, need to start creating again!

It is absolutely necessary for us in order to figure out what we want to do with our lives.

  • Don’t care if it’s going to make you money or make you famous or get you all the babes.
  • Don’t care if it’s going to make you look good or more appealing to that high paying job.
  • Don’t care if you are going to gain salvation from it or a place in the Kingdom of God.

All of that doesn’t matter.

Freedom Comes After You Create

You are free for a few moments during, and after you create. Those few precious moments. Hold onto those.

It’s like tasting honey when you haven’t had anything sweet for a lifetime.

You are tasting freedom when you have been in mental shackles almost all of your life.

It will taste sweet and forbidden.

Savour it.

And then, once it disappears (and it will), start thinking about what you will create next.

You need to do it.

You have to do it.

For the sake of this world.

The world needs to see your creations. Because your creation might motivate some other poor soul to start creating and gain that sliver of freedom themselves.

Isn’t this cycle of perpetuating freedom what this life is all about, after all?

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