How I began Yoga

Yoga is my life. It really is the reason my life has its vigor and passion that it does. It is the reason I was able to rejuvenate my purpose in life, that I found the reason to live again and the reason I’m happy to be alive. It has brought so much other stuff into my life, relationships, happiness, joy, abundance, peace, flexibility, balance, and a million other beautiful pieces. I’m grateful for everything that it has given me.

I have been doing yoga for 3 years now.

I did some yoga before these 3 years, but it was intermittent, and I do not really count it.

I really began my practice of yoga, in 2010, when I came back from the trip and I learnt I would have to be here for a while in order to pay off my student loans.

I felt despair, the joy that I had felt while travelling wilted away. I felt stuck. Suffocated. The lack of movement stifled. Creativity stilled. Passion dissipated. I sat for hours at home watching crappy day-time television, filling my head with nonsense. It was a waste of a few months of my life.

But I needed those months to start the practice of yoga.

I did a couple of classes here and there.

The more yoga I did, the more I noticed myself change from the inside.

I noticed the lack of need in general. I needed less food, less companionship, less of everything. I was enough as I was. I didn’t need external paradigms to feel content.
The feeling of contentment that invaded my body, the feeling of a healthy, joyous body, the feeling of the connection for the first time to my inner core, the feeling of strength and belief in myself. I had never felt this way before. I knew then this was going to be practice for life. And I hope it is.

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