Cooking food improves my instinct

Did I tell you I love to cook? I bet you didn’t know that. I do. I really love to cook. As a foodie, I like visiting new restaurants and trying out new foods, but the best part of food besides eating it, is the careful preparing of it. I love mixing in new ingredients and new ideas, to create a completely new dish out of nothing. It is even more ingratiating because you get to eat the food after, it is an instant-reward program. You cook, you eat, you are happy and satisfied. What could be better than that?
I was thinking about it today and I realized that I have a problem trusting my instinct sometimes. A lot of times. Almost everyday of my life.

I am fighting with myself, fighting with my instinct, eventually relenting to it, because I realize time and time again, that my instinct never leads me wrong.

It always leads me to the right path, in big ways and small ways.
I berate myself every time I fail to follow my instinct’s lead and go onto the wrong path. Thankfully, I correct my path quick enough that it doesn’t result in much harm.
I have realized that I do that while I cook as well. I will be putting in random, well-thought-out ingredients into a pot or pan, and I will suddenly curb my food instincts, and think with my head, and suddenly, all I feel is doubt. Should I add in jalapeno peppers into this Thai curry? Should I leave the quinoa wet or dry? Should I add prunes to the fruit cream that I am preparing?
As soon as the thinking head comes into it, the whole foundation of my instinct is shaky again. I have a hard time believing in it. My head tells me to be rational and not to trust my instinct, my gut. I stupidly listen to my head and my food turns out mediocre.
I listen to my instincts and my food turns out to be a unique melding of flavours and tastes that explode in my mouth with an intensity that just travels through every inch of my body and exhilarates me. This can translate to every part of my life. If I listen to my head and remain sensible, my life is mediocre, banal, fine. If I listen to my instincts, my life is a blast through space, an awesome ride that enthrals the senses and the spirit.
Follow the heart, not the mind for THE life-journey.

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