The Art of Finishing

I have been guilty of this several times. I start something and never finish. I have great hopes when I begin, I want to finish what I start. I make plans in my head and sometimes on paper. I draw elaborate fish-bone diagrams to illustrate the project, I draw elaborate dreams in my head of how it will look when I finish.
Of course, 90% of plans never come to fruition. Maybe even more. I used to have a lot of regret about the plans that I never finished. I used to think to myself, if I had just stuck with one of those plans 10 years ago, I would be an expert in that field or I would have made it by now. It is that part of my thinking that I focused on and I realized, the problem isn’t that I am not finishing, the problem is that I am not even starting.

I have the idea in my head and I begin with the idea, and I polish up the idea, I work on the idea, I work and work and work on it.

But at the end of the day, I do not actually begin any actual work on it. I have kept it an idea, and I haven’t moved it forward into the development stage. What I need to do, of course, is choose to begin. The idea seems daunting. You look at all the steps you have to take. All the millions of steps you have to take to get to the finish line, and you falter, you panic, you back-track. Maybe you do not have time or maybe you do not have the money or maybe you have another excuse on the plate.
I planned for years to take Spanish, I wanted to become fluent in the language. It was my dream. I never actually did anything about it. It seemed like too much to do. But this year, I decided enough is enough. I took the beginner course, and then the next one, and the next one, and now I am in the intermediate stage. I’m nowhere near fluent, but now that I’m closer to the finish line, I can smell victory and it feels good. I know I’m going to continue with it, because I have already spent a lot of time and energy on it. If I had done this years ago, I would be fluent by now.
What have you kept on the back-burner? What is one thing you would like to accomplish this year?

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