Why do I love thee – let me count the ways?

Alright, let me start off by saying, I have always been a cynic about love.

I didn’t believe it existed. I thought people were making up stuff when they said, that when you meet the right one, you know. You just know.
I would ask again and again, how do you know? I mean, seriously, how can you just know? I used to despise those people who thought make-out sessions in public are a good idea.
It is a bit like yoga and meditation for me. I did yoga few times before I really got into it, but I never liked it too much. I didn’t think it was for me. I never even tried meditation before dismissing it as some new-age fad that would go away. Not until I was ready for it, did it really hit me like it did and has now.
I love every aspect of yoga and meditation. It is my love.
Now that I am in love myself, I understand everything that those people were saying is true. It is a little bit scary how right they were. I am in a mish-mash in my head because of it. How can something so simple screw us up so completely?
I am doing all of those things I used to despise in others. Really, I am guessing it was just jealousy. Once I realized its jealousy, I stopped despising and started loving it.
PDAs, grabbing his butt in public, making-out without a care, bed yoga in the middle of the day, eating a meal from one plate, drinking a drink from one cup, laughing over nothing really useful, living in a state of complete and utter bliss, induced by love.
I am sure this is just the honeymoon phase and it will end soon, but I finally understand what those people were talking about. I apologize to them for my naivety.

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