You can’t handle the truth!

My parents are good people. They are hard-working, grain of the earth, honest-to-goodness, good people. They are the reason there is progress every day in the world. Who believes that without hard work, you cannot get anywhere. Without them, without the industrious, hard-working people in the world, like my parents, the world would literally come to a stand-still.
And then, there’s me. A lazy person who wants to get the maximum for doing the minimum amount of work. Who is always looking for the easy way out. Who wants to find a way to use her blog and other skills to travel for the rest of her life. Who believes that life is supposed to be easy. Isn’t it? That is me.
I love my parents a lot, but I have realized that we are living very different lifestyles, with different paths, and no matter how much I try to share my path with them, it just will not make any sense to them. They are going to look at me like I have grown a third eye in the middle of my chest. Or just shake their head in misery, wondering what wrong they did in their previous life to deserve a child like me.
I try to be honest with them as much as possible, because it makes me feel better. When I am honest, and open, I feel like my body is open and free, and my mind is free and restraint-free. It makes everything in my life run smoother, as I do not have to remember all the lies that I have spoken to everyone around me. It takes a lot of energy and mental power in order to remember what you’ve said, and what you need to hide.
I lived for a long while with a lot of secrets. I lived with secrets in my heart, in my head, and in my spirit. I was a liar. I lied about the little things and I lied about the big things. I lied even when I didn’t need to, because I was just so used to lying. Suddenly, I started doing yoga, and I realized I was holding back from the world, because of all the lies that I was holding in my heart. Once, I started telling the truth, and just letting it all go, I was fine. I was more than fine. I was in alignment with the universe. I was whole again.

The other problem obviously was that the people around me weren’t able to handle the truth that I handed to them.

They were surprised at first with all the changes in my life, then they were disdainful and annoyed with me, for being the person I am. They would’ve been happier if I had lied to them. Which is the sad part of it all.
That is the reason, they say, the Truth shall set you free.

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