10 Ways I Am Going To Stop Being Insane

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past, or a pioneer of the future. – Anonymous
I was chatting with my mother about my job search experience this time around as opposed to 5 years ago (the last time I came back from a long-term trip). I have had a really positive experience this time around compared to last time. Last time, I barely got any callbacks, and when I did, I would fumble through the interviews, not knowing what to say. In addition, it took me 1.5 years to find a job in my field, at which point, I felt I was desperate enough to take anything. Thank goodness, I got a really great job, with good people.
My mother said something that really interested me. She said, ‘The last time you were searching for a job, you were arrogant about it. You didn’t get your resume checked by anyone. You didn’t ask your friends, and previous colleagues for help. You had all of these impossible rules that the company had to follow in order to hire you. This time around you have changed all of this around, resulting in more callbacks and more options.’
You have heard of that saying, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ I have realized in so many different ways, I am insane. I apply the same old regular ways of doing things and expect things to change. Some examples…

  • I eat the same diet and expect my body weight to change.
  • I do the same hot yoga class every week and expect to get more toned and defined.
  • I fight about the same old things with my parents every month and expect our relationship to improve.
  • I get insecure about the same things with Thenix and expect us to get closer.
  • I wear the same clothes every year and expect to be fashionable.
  • I repeat the same mistakes with my finances and expect financial freedom.
  • Finally, I expect to do the same thing with my blog and expect to get more followers.

These are just a few examples. I’m sure I could dig deeper and find other items in my psyche that I repeat subconsciously, without realizing I’m making that decision.
How can I expect my life to change if I keep on doing the same things as I did in the past? I have resolved to act differently. Slowly, I will make changes in my life that will be sustainable and will cause my insane self who does the same things over and over again to disappear.
Here are some things I am thinking about incorporating into my daily life as this year goes on:

  1. Wearing more makeup, dresses and heels – I am a tomboy in so many ways. I have always wanted people to look at my personality, and not focus on my appearance. But who am I kidding? Appearances matter and I am going to take that adage more seriously. If I go out in public, I will ensure I am not wearing ratty clothes. In addition, I will ensure I am not always tattily dressed when I am with Thenix. He deserves the pretty me occasionally.
  2. Getting away from fearing money and using it without guilt – I am a frugalist. I am usually proud of that fact. But I also have to start learning to spend money on myself. Buying a pair of shoes if I like them, or going out for dinner just because I feel like it. Relearning to spend money is hard, but necessary.
  3. Taking power yoga and hot core classes more than yin yoga – I am a yin yoga kind of gal. I love slow, relaxing, meditative classes. But I need to balance them out with more strenuous, toning, and power classes.
  4. Offering help to my parents without them asking – I get busy in my own little world, with blogging, writing, job searching, Thenix, friends, and such. I am going to remind myself to help my parents with one little thing everyday without being asked. It is important for me to there for them.
  5. Going beyond the 9-5 at my job – I have always been so focused on travelling and my life that I sometimes forget to give more than 100% at my job. I want this year to be different. I want to make myself indispensable to my employer.
  6. Spending time with Thenix without travel involved – Travel has always been such an important time of our relationship, that I am looking forward to being with Thenix without travel. Just being in one place, and enjoying each other’s company.
  7. Contributing to Elite Daily as much as possible – I want more followers on my blog. I want my words to reach more people. I am going to use Elite Daily for that purpose.
  8. Staying gluten-free and eliminating red meat as much as possible – I have always eaten a lot of wheat, meat, dairy and sugar. I want this year to be a year with as little wheat, dairy, sugar, preservatives, and meat as possible.
  9. Using Squats and Pushups in my fitness regime – I hate any kind of body weight exercise, especially push-ups. I am going to incorporate them into my fitness regime more often this year as these are the exercises that work for my body – they challenge me both physically and mentally.
  10. Incorporating more salads and greens into my diet (of all kinds) – I have always been fearful of greens. I like hot food, has been my refrain. After not having greens while travelling, I feel the rejuvenated need to have as many greens in my diet as possible. Salads with superfood greens will be my new best friend.

Here they are. 10 ways I am stop being insane, that is, stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Do you have anything to add?
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