My ex Matt

You know that relationship of yours. The first one, where you are interminably in love with the person. You wish to do everything with them, you wish to do everything for them. You are devoted. And they are not. They do not care about you, they are just there. They even mistreat you sometimes, and you just let it happen. You let it happen, because you believe you must have deserved it somehow. IT couldn’t be them. It has to be you. It has to be your fault. They are too pure for anything bad.
Finally, the relationship breaks down, for good, after several breakups and getting back togethers. And it is the best thing that could have happened to you.

You are finally free of the drama, the chaos, the drain on your energy and time.

You are free, and for the first time, you can see clearly that the relationship and the person were both completely wrong. You were not at fault. You did all you could. You did too much. You gave too much. It was just not the right one for you.
You finally meet someone that is perfect for you. They care about you as much as you care about them. They treat you well, they treat themselves well, they are well-adjusted, and you have a surprisingly balanced relationship for the first time in your life.
The ex comes back in your life again for some mundane reason. But it reminds you in stark contrast, how stupid you were, how stupid your ex is, and how you must have been drunk for your entire relationship. They haven’t changed at all since the last conversation you had with them years ago, while you have moved onward and upward. It gives you a sense of satisfaction, only if you do not think of that year you wasted on him.

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