The Boat That Rocked

You have been told since the beginning of time not to rock the boat. What does that mean exactly? Especially as females, you were always told to be quiet, to be nice, to be cooperative, to work with others, and other similar idiotic things. IT means, that we were basically taught not to be creative.

Creativity, in general, means to rock the boat.

To be different. To cause dissension. To cause change. To cause a movement, of some kind, of any kind. Rocking the boat aligns really well with Creativity’s goals.
Ms. Creativity likes to change things up. To move things around. It wants you to think outside the box. It means, that if something is always done one way, it doesn’t mean that it should forever be done that way.
Why is Ms. Creativity so scary to so many different organizations, corporations and the government? Why do they try to ensure that everyone dresses exactly the same, speaks exactly the same, eats the exact same food, drives the same car and lives in the same kind of house? Why do they try to make sure that you live the exact same life as your parents did, and as everyone else around you?
Because Ms. Creativity results in revolution. It results in change. People, in general, do not like change. They like stability. They like solidity. They like sameness.
Change makes them uncomfortable. They do not know if they are going to be able to adapt to the change. They fear what they do not know, instead of embracing it with open arms. Certain things need to remain stable so other things can change. But you shouldn’t fear change. Some of the most beautiful changes in my life came through embracing whatever was happening in my life at that moment.
Let me know what you think of the idiom ‘Rocking the Boat’.

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