Sharing my blog with the people I know

As most of the readers on my blog know, I like to keep things anonymous on here. It started out as a way to cleanse myself, get rid of everything that is in my head and heart, help others realize that maybe they are holding onto the same issues, maybe reach a higher level of consciousness on the way, always striving to do more and reach the ultimate goal in life, figuring out why I exist.
I have been slowly sharing my blog with my friends and family. Thenix found out about my blog by chance, when he read a comment on a blog post that I sent him, which seemed to resonate very much with my thoughts. I realized once he knew about my blog and the conversations that ensued after on some of the topics of the blog that interested him, that I liked that. I like the feedback on my thoughts.

I like to know what others are thinking, what they think of what I know or think, and what they think about in their spare time.

It is the give and take that I love, that I have been missing on my blog.
I then shared my blog with a few of my closest friends, who I knew wouldn’t judge anything I write on there, and with my siblings, who are my best friends and with whom I like to share everything. The circle grew, more people knew about my blog, I got more feedback on my posts, and I realized I liked it a lot.
The final step in this journey would be when I share the blog with my parents. Just the thought of that freaks me out. I do not want them knowing what I think. Especially my mother. Some of the stuff I share on the blog, I feel would devastate her. She is amazing and very open-minded in her own way, but she would find out more than I think she wants to know about me.
But I have this feeling that this blog’s purpose would not be complete without her being in the know.
That is the target of the next few months of my practice and life. I want to be open. I want to be able to share. I want to feel connected to my parents, and everyone around me, without lies, deceit or deception. Let’s see how that works out.

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