Missed beauty while driving

I was sitting in my car, cruising along the highway, thanking the universe, that there was no traffic stifling my progress, staring at the back of an unsightly pick-up truck, white and rusted, when I looked up for no apparent reason.
And then I saw it. The most beautiful sunrise ever. The sun golden and vivid. The clouds pink, orange, foamy, beautiful. I sat there in my car, making sure, I didn’t hit the unsightly pick-up truck, and looked at the sunrise, while I drove.
If I hadn’t looked up when I was driving, I would have missed the beautiful sunrise. This made me think of two important points. First of all, we think, that we need to remove ourselves from our present situation in order to experience beauty. We need to leave the country. We need to travel. We need to move away from our current hometown. And so on. The truth that I am slowly realizing, is that you can experience beauty in yourself wherever you are, and around you, whenever you want.
The second thing is that we miss a lot around us. We miss all the beauty around us. We miss an opportunity to help someone in need. We miss the opportunity to laugh or cry, because we are just too busy or distracted to either look around or to just be present in the moment. I’m sure you have seen this video of a world-famous violinist playing a beautiful melody, that was missed by everyone in the subway station as they were too ‘busy’ walking to wherever they were walking to.
The title of the video is ‘Stop and Hear the Music’. What else are we missing out on because we are not stopping to hear the music, or smell the roses, or laugh at a joke, or look at a sunset.
Now my resolution is to try and make drive-time, a time to notice the beauty around me. I drive through some of the most beautiful wooded highways in Toronto. Of course, it doesn’t work if it is forced.

Eventually, I want to reach a point, where I am not forcing myself to observe the beauty, but beauty is just there all around me, unforced, watched, experienced.

What do you think of your drive-time?

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