Are You Treating Your Business Like It’s Your Baby?

Negative feedback helps businesses grow

We all do it. Become defensive about our businesses. Like they are our precious babies, that can’t take any criticism, and should be protected at all costs. It’s the way we look at this world we are in. We are always cautious and careful to share anything about our business. Because we don’t know what the person on the other end is going to say and if they are going to give us any negative feedback about our business.

And negative feedback for a new business owner can be like death. One well-placed negative comment and our whole world falls apart. We don’t want to do the business anymore, and we consider going back to our safe 9-5s.

Your Business Is Stronger Than You Think

Just like our babies are actually stronger than we give them credit for, and a lot of them pop right back up after an illness or a weak spell, our businesses are exactly the same. They are much stronger than we give them credit for. We know and can believe this. We don’t have to protect them like a weak baby that needs to be shielded from everyone’s germs.

In fact, the negative comments, if you can take it as an opportunity to improve your business, can actually make your business stronger. Just like germs can actually improve the immune system of a child, the same way negative comments can actually make you think about all the holes in your business that were invisible to your keen but ingrained eye.

So let’s stop doing this to ourselves.

Because in our haste to protect our businesses from all feedback, we isolate ourselves as entrepreneurs, and don’t talk to anyone about what’s going on with us. That’s not a good thing. We are all social creatures, and entrepreneurs, in particular, need to be around other people when they are going through such a difficult time in their life. Starting a business is hard, but being isolated and alone while doing it is even harder.

Don’t do that to yourself, and let your business out into the open.

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