Every Dollar Counts When You Are A Digital Nomad

digital nomads count every dollar

Most people are not going to get it. Most people are not going to understand the excitement I feel when I make even a dollar while working online. They think it doesn’t matter. They think it’s all about the thousands of dollars. But let me try and explain to you, why each dollar I make counts, and counts big to me. It all matters. It all matters, at least to me.

I want to make enough money online each month so I don’t have to pull from my savings. That means of course I need to make a $1000 a month, at minimum. So you must be wondering, what the hell does it matter if I make a dollar or two here or there? Well, it matters, because each $100 that I make online, comprises of lots of small little dollars that add up. I care about each dollar I make, because that means, I’m that much closer to my goal of a $1000.

Digital Nomads Count Every Dollar

Each time I make a dollar on an endeavour of mine online, I think of it as a sign telling me everything is awesome and I’m on the right track. I’m on the right track. I’m on the right track. Do not fear, my child. You are on the right track. You can keep on going and you are going to be alright. All you need to do is keep on working. Don’t worry and keep on trudging.

That’s what that dollar says to me. Every single dollar I make tells me a story. It tells me a story of the life I’m going to have once I reach my goals.

It tells me to keep on going on the same track. If I ever feel any doubt at the path that I have chosen, then all I have to do is turn around, and look at all of the dollars that are trailing me and they will tell me that everything is fine. You are doing fine. No need to have any doubt. No need to worry about anything. Just keep on going.

The world probably doesn’t care about each dollar it makes, but I do. Each dollar is precious to me.

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