Stop Wasting Your Time Going To Writer’s Workshops – Do The Work

writer's workshops wastes precious writing time

Instead of wasting so much of our time going to workshops, and trainings, and all of that procrastination substitutes, we need to sit our bums back down on our seats, and actually do our work.

What is that work? Whatever that work might be for you. Each one of us has a specific thing we need to be working on. Instead of wasting our time on whatever time-wasters we have, we need to come back to the moment, and think about what it is we want to be doing with our time.

Spend Your Time On Real Work

What should you be spending your time on? For me, it has to be writing hundreds of thousands of words every single day. But for you, it might be painting a picture every day, or taking a picture every day, or whatever else it might be.

It doesn’t matter what item might be. All that matters is that it is something related to your ‘One Thing’ – that one thing that would make everything else you do inconsequential and useless.

If I write every single day, then I don’t have to worry about doing anything else. I don’t have to worry about creating Instagram pictures, or doing YouTube videos, or whatever else it might be. All I need to do is work on my words. All I need to do is write my words every single day.

What is that one thing for you? The reality is most of us don’t want to do our real work. We don’t want to do it, because it’s scary. If we actually do our work, and we aren’t successful, then we don’t have any excuses. Until we actually do our real work, we can complain and bitch and whine, saying that it’s this world’s fault that we aren’t more successful.

So stop doing that. Stop making excuses. Do the work. Don’t waste your time on trainings, or workshops. Sit your bum down on that desk, and actually do your work.

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