We Complicate Things Because We Are Afraid

procrastinate via complicating things

Procrastination can take many beautiful and crazy forms. It is interesting how many ways humans have found to not do their real work. The work that they are here to do. I surprise myself constantly when I find a new way to procrastinate and it is so creative, that if I used my creativity to stop searching for ways to procrastinate, I would get so much more done!

Ironic, but true.

So one of the latest ways I have found to procrastinate is to complicate things. I am building a membership site right now, called, “The Awakening Odyssey.” And, I could keep it simple, and finish it in a month. But instead, because I am afraid to put it out there, I am creating excuses, and making it bigger than it needs to be. I am making it more complicated than it needs to be, for sure.

Wasting Time Is So Easy Sometimes

Thus, I spent so much of my time in the beginning of this process wasting my time on complicating things. It was quite hilarious actually looking back upon it now. It’s easy to waste time. It’s impossible, of course, to get that time back. I have wasted so much of my time on nonsense, but I haven’t spent a lot of it on real work. If I could really just buckle down and stop wasting so much of my time, I would be able to get so much more done, I would be a superhuman.

And no magic pills or radioactive bugs required.

Next time, you are working on a project, look at how you are complicating things when they could be kept really simple. Why work on a $500 logo when you could make a simple one from scratch using $10? Why do we do this?

Fear, of course. The big poobah. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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