Creatives, Focus On Process Rather Than Outcome

process matters, not outcome

I have been meeting a lot of awesome creative people in Chiang Mai. I’m very lucky in that regard. And it’s been really gratifying to talk to all of these people to learn more about their creative process, and their journey. It makes me realize not only how far I have come in my own creative journey, but also, how far I still have to go.

Sometimes though I will meet an unfortunate creative, who put too much stock and value upon the outcome – whatever that outcome might be, and forgot about the reason. The reason why they became creatives in the first place.

Creatives Need To Come Back To Their Reason

The reality is that everyone of us does things for some reason – that reason might be apparent and important only to us, but it is still a reason that matters. What was the reason you first started on your creative journey? What is your reason?

For me, it was very simple. I need to write. It isn’t something that is as important to me as breathing, but almost as much. I need to write, because if I don’t write, I die on the inside. A slow and painful death that is apparent only to me, which makes it even worse.

I need to write every single day.

Because of that, I write. But I don’t write because I will be a Pulitzer Price winner someday for Literature. That doesn’t come into the picture. If it happens, it might happen. But guess what? I’ll still be writing before and after it, because I need to write.

Those people who put too much stock on outside accolades are not going to be creative for long. Guess what? Those accolades they might never come. Or they might come, but they might feel empty. Or they might show up in a different form than what you expected. All of that takes away from our creative juices.

All of the time you are worrying about the outcome and accolades, is time you are not spending on being creative.

So stop it now. Come back to the process. Be creative every single day because you like it, and because you want to. That’s all!

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