Even Though I’m An INFJ, I Love Collaborating On Creative Projects With People

INFJs collaborate well

Recently, I have started working on some creative projects with a friend of mine, Magie, and it has been eye-opening. It makes me truly realize how much I love being creative in general. But also made me realize that I love, love, love being creative with other people. It is crazy how much I love being creative with other people. A little bit scary, in fact.

It is as if we are both feeding off each other’s creative energies, and we are able to create better and better work because of it. It is absolutely amazing what happens – two heads are definitely better than one. But being an introvert INFJ, I have found that my energy gets depleted really fast if I spend too much time with other people. So I have to definitely do it in doses. I know if I spend time with a friend for too long, I will have to go back home and chill out for the rest of the day by myself in a closed off room.

INFJs Can Collaborate, But In Limited Doses

Most people think that introverted INFJs would be horrible at collaborations. And mostly, if we are drained or haven’t taken enough time on our own, we are horrible companions in general. We should be avoided like the plague. That’s important for all extroverts to know.

But when we have been taking care of ourselves, eating and hydrating properly, and we have had enough time to be on our own, we can be awesome collab-partners. Give me the right circumstances, as an INFJ, and I could move the world. I don’t even need a lever long enough, I just need time on my own.

Just don’t ask too much of us. We are not superhuman, even though we might give off the impression that we are. But we are not.

Don’t believe us when we say that we are.

We are lying.

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