The power of sharing

As most of the people reading my blog know, this blog is anonymous. It is anonymous because I have trouble sharing my most intimate details with friends and family, but Continue reading

Taking care of the big purchases

I’m sure you have heard of the Latte Factor, in which the financial advisor tells you to take care of the small purchases, the coffee and muffin you have every Continue reading

Asking your significant other for permission

I have noticed an increasing trend in the couples around me of asking each other for permission to do…anything. It might be going out with friends, or taking the children Continue reading

Missed beauty while driving

I was sitting in my car, cruising along the highway, thanking the universe, that there was no traffic stifling my progress, staring at the back of an unsightly pick-up truck, Continue reading

Creating time through meditation

I was meditating in the morning today – sitting in my car, after a nonchalant, easy drive through Toronto, over to my office. I find that the morning time meditation Continue reading

Outer order contributes to inner calm

I recently read the statement above on the website dedicated to The Happiness Project here. It really caught my attention, because if the above is true, that could be one Continue reading

My ex Matt

You know that relationship of yours. The first one, where you are interminably in love with the person. You wish to do everything with them, you wish to do everything Continue reading