14 Trends That Foretell The Powerful Awakening That The World Is Experiencing


An awakening is happening.

Moving towards higher consciousness comes with certain trends. These trends are actually pervasive in the world as a whole. And I think, it indicates a general trend of an awakening.

What is awakening? To me, awakening means that the individual wakes up from a self-centred way of living, to realizing that he’s part of a whole. When we live from our egos and from duality, we are competitive and out to get a bigger piece of the pie for ourselves. When we live from a state of unity, we realize that everything is one, and a reflection of oneself.

Consciousness is experiencing itself through different iterations of the same self. Everything is part of this whole. Everything.

14 Indicators Of Awakening

Vegetarianism or Veganism

I have found kind eating to be one of the biggest indicators that the person is moving from ego living to an awakened state. This is especially true when the person used to be a major carnivore and all of a sudden gave up eating meat and maybe also cheese. A lot of these individuals will talk about becoming vegetarian or vegan for reasons of humanity, rather than out of any need to lose weight or be fit. The conversation will go something like this: I gave up meat because I saw the inhumane conditions in which cows, pigs, and chickens are kept while awaiting slaughter. Or something to that effect.

Kindness or deep Caring

In general, people are good. I believe that in my hearts of heart. But, there are some individuals out there who exude kindness and caring from every pore. They are the kind of people who will turn the other cheek and gladly offer the shirt off their back to someone who is denigrating them. They are the people others call saints. You feel a sort of Mother Teresa vibe from them. They have realized the one truth – everything and everyone is just an extension of the one consciousness. So if you cause hurt to anyone, you are basically only hurting yourself.

Follow passion rather than money

These individuals are the ones you will find juggling on the streets of Barcelona or writing novels on some obscure subject. They realize that there is only one life we are given and they don’t want to waste it living someone else’s life. So instead of following protocol and working some boring 9-5 job in a cramped cubicle, they follow their dreams. Sometimes they make money from it, sometimes they don’t. But at least they are doing something that they truly, deeply care about. Something that makes them come alive, truly alive, in this deadened world of ours.


They don’t travel for the sake of travel (or for the sake of filling up their social media feeds with happy joyous pictures). But for the fulfillment and completeness that travel brings to them. Travel helps them live in the moment, connect with other cultures and people, and learn more about their own true self. Everything they do is about this – learning about their true self. And travel, I find, is one of the best ways to do it (besides meditation).


They create. They create a lot. Their lives are all about creation. When they are in the process of creation, they feel truly connected with the source. When they create, it is as if they have let go and the source is writing/painting/sculpting with their hands. Creating is so powerful because it helps you get into that state of flow – where everything flows into abundance and joy. Also, creation is so freaking hard on the mind that it shows you truly what you are made of.

Pure Dancing

When you don’t care about other people’s opinions, because you are awake and you realize nothing matters except your own happiness, you are able to dance without a care in the world. That is when you are dancing for hours and it feels like a minute has passed by. You are truly connected to your body and you love moving it to music that helps you connect to the source, whether it be in your living room or on a beach somewhere.

Abandoning Televisions

A lot of people are throwing out their televisions. It isn’t just the proliferation of YouTube and Netflix. But more so, it is a desire to get away from traditional media and advertising, to creating and conversations. Instead of seeing other people live their lives on a small black box, I would like to create my own beautiful experience on this planet while I’m here with other beautiful people who are doing the same.


When you realize that this world is just a hologram and nothing is real, then you kind of realize that stuff is just unnecessary. You have what you need in order to be happy, but no more (and definitely no less). You give up the 5,000 square foot homes and move into smaller spaces. You give up all of your additional storage spaces, and stop buying stuff to fit into your garages. Life isn’t about accumulating stuff, but about experiences.

Deeper conversations

Instead of chatting about the Kim Kardashians of the world, or the next pink lipstick you are planning to buy, conversations for the awakened soul move towards chatting about the soul, the universe, meditation, awakening, and other crazy topics like that. You know you are with a awakened soul when they refuse to chat about mundane topics, and keep on asking you if you are truly happy where you are right now.

Sustainability (long-term thinking)

If you believe in duality, all you care about is this life and what you can get out of it. If you realize that you are an eternal and timeless soul in one minor iteration, then you care about the future. You start thinking more long-term. It isn’t just about protecting our beautiful Mother Earth (which matters greatly). But about the fact that this isn’t our only life and we will be back again over and over again. Don’t we all want a sustainable world for the next generations to enjoy?


This is a big one. But not those power yoga classes where you are doing sit-ups and push-ups trying to gain the Yoga Booty. Those classes where you are chatting about connecting with your true self, with the observer. Yoga is one way to gain awakening through the deepest of connections with your body, mind and spirit. I love how popular it is getting in general. It shows you how many people are interested in moving towards a better and closer understanding of the world. By getting deeper into their mind and body space.

Meditation (slowing down in general)

Meditation and Mindfulness. These two are crucial in our journeys to awakening and consciousness. The more we meditate, the more we are able to realize the move from duality to unity. Meditation also helps us stay in the present moment and slow down. In the future, children will have meditate as soon as they are able to. Everyone will have a meditation space in their homes. Or at least in the future that I dream of.


If you notice your friends giving up sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, you can rest assured they are doing so for reasons of awakening. The reasoning behind it is quite simple. If you are truly awake and alive, you don’t need artificial means to boost your mind. If you are truly awake and alive, you don’t want artificial things ruining your high. I find that I’m so excited to be alive every single day that any kind of weird, artificial high just seems wrong to me.


Sexual energy and orgasms are really powerful. They dissipate a lot of the energy present in your body into the ether. If you could keep that powerful sexual energy inside of you, you could really build up your awakening. That is why you will notice a lot of people going into periods of celibacy to gain a higher understanding of themselves. It is truly a great way to get deeper into this state of awakening.

Let me know what you think of this list in the comments below. Missing anything?

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2 thoughts on “14 Trends That Foretell The Powerful Awakening That The World Is Experiencing

  1. Another great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I agree with most of the points but I am yet to understand the importance of abstinence and celibacy. I do enjoy drinking every once in a while.
    Personally, I place importance on reading, traveling, keeping fit, minimalism, avoiding sugar etc, all with the intentions of living life in a more meaningful and fulfilled way.

    1. Thanks Pooja.. This is just a comprehensive list. It doesn’t mean you have to follow all of the different points in order to be awake. 🙂

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