No Matter What Happens, I Can Stay Calm

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My friend always says this one thing to me…”You know all of the work you are doing on yourself has been working, when you become invincible and nothing gets at your inner steel core.”

She tells me of an example from her own story when she was in an accident, and ended up in the hospital, unconscious. The first thought she had when she woke up?? How grateful she was that she was still alive. She didn’t not let any negative thoughts get through to that inner steel core of hers. It was filled with positivity and gratitude. That’s when I realized I wanted to be like that as well.

I want to be invincible in that regard. Because the honest truth is that the universe will be throwing hundreds of curveballs your way. That is the way of it. But for some reason, we get surprised every single time one of these curveballs comes our way. It’s like, “What? Why is this happening? It always happens to me.”

Umm, no, it doesn’t. This is life.

The Work We Do Matters

That’s why we do all of this personal development work on ourselves, so we become invincible. Unshakeable. Nothing can get at us anymore. We could lose it all and we would still be standing there, calmly, counting sheep and doing our work. Or whatever else you do with your day.

That’s why we do this work. Not so that we can write about it. But when it comes to practical application in our life, and we need ourselves to beat the odds, we can beat them without breaking a sweat.

The work matters. It matters more than you realize. When you realize that nothing can touch that inner steel core of yours, that’s when the work begins to make sense. Whenever anything happens, I immediately went into that calm place of mine. I know everything was happening as it should. There is no sense fighting it.

I am calm and everything is happening as it should.

Boom! That’s how you are able to live a winner’s life.

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