Every Person Brings A Lesson For Us

life lessons

Why do certain people enter our lives only for a brief second, only to leave again very soon? I don’t know, but I do know, now that I have a bit more perspective on it, that I like to think about what is their lesson.

That person, or any other person, or situation, or thing, has come into your life to teach you something. That something that you need to be taught is different for different people. And different for different situations. I cannot tell you what you need to learn, just like you can’t tell me what I need to learn.

The same person exposed the same situation might learn two different things.

The point remains. Every person is bringing a particular lesson into our life that we need to learn, right now.

Lessons Are Repeated Until We Learn Them

Some lessons come once or twice, and we learn them easily and effortlessly. Other lessons comes several times, several dozen times, and we are still unable to comprehend them. It’s weird, how sometimes, I can be looking back at my life and I can see in hindsight how long it really took me to learn a particular lesson.

Why did it take so long? Because I was resisting the lessons. I was running away from them. I was being fearful or angry or anxious. Whatever it might be, the lessons took a while to be drummed into my head.

Perhaps, some lessons will take several lifetimes to be integrated into our heads. That’s alright. We can take our time with it. There is no hurry. We have all the time we need.

So look at your life right now. What is one lesson that is poking at you right now? Why are you not learning it? Or why are you learning it? Think about it.

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