Is This All There Is To Life?

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I was speaking to a friend of mine about life and its vagaries. And she asked me a question, “Is this all there is to life?” I wondered to myself as I answered this question about that time when I had asked this question for the first time at the age of 21. I was living the perfect life according to everyone else, but I wasn’t happy. I asked why, and wondered if this was all life was about.

It has been almost 13 years since that time but I know lots of people who are still asking that question and coming to me for answers, because I seem to be living my ideal life from the outside in. I am grateful and I love my life. I understand where these people are coming from.

Sometimes Life Seems Too Hard To Be Worth It

We go through our days and some days, life just seems too hard. Is it even worth it to get up and go do the things that we have to? Why do we have so many things we have to do, rather than more things that we like to do? Why can’t we build a life that matters to us, rather than matters to everyone else?

Well, the truth is that we can. I have done it and I know lots of people who have engineered their lives to reflect their own values, needs, and desires. But it isn’t an easy process and it isn’t for everyone.

Some people are going to falter at the hard work it takes to set up their ideal lives. Every one of us has that idea in our head of how our perfect life would look, but are we willing to work to get there? Are we willing to fight with everyone in our lives for that privilege? Are we willing to sacrifice certain worldly pleasures for it?

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